Healthy Food for Healthful Living and Stress Management

  It’s humanly to get bewildered when it comes to healthy food and healthful living. Even wise sages often seem to pull the rope on different sides. Yet, despite all the disagreements, here are some sure shot, pro cues, that are sure to disentangle those doubts. Go on.. Help yourself with all that is must to include in your plate of everyday healthy food . Here are some basics of healthy food for healthful living , for controlled blood pressure, contained blood sugar, effective weight loss and for a Healthful living. EATING HABITS 1. Sugary Beverages are a strict No No Sugar is one of the worst items you can put into your body. This is because your brain confuses with the amount of sugar in a beverage than in a solid sweet . And that isn't the worst of it. Sweetened beverages are strongly associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes, risk of heart disease, leading to many other health problems. Its Long Overdue, You- Rethink Your Drink: Choose water – Replace sugary d